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InternationalDom.Ru is a Russian-European privately-owned property portal that has been helping international estate agents, developers, investors and future owners to buy and sell holiday villas, investment apartments and land since the summer of 2009.

As one of the leading platforms for marketing overseas property in Russia, we bring together buyers and sellers from all around the world and we have many partners who have listed property with us successfully.

Although 80% of our users are Russian based, we have registrations from more than 20 countries, specially covering the CIS countries, our users are globally mobile.

We have a very diverse user base, there are 4 main groups who use our site:

Russian Holiday Home Buyers:

This represents the biggest group of users on the site. Given their involvement in the sale and purchase of second homes and investment property, it's easy to say that our users are predominantly fairly affluent, dominated by professionals, executives and entrepreneurial individuals.

Approximately 57% of our users are male and 43% female, with the largest age group being 38-49 years, followed by 25-37 years. It's expected that Russian Overseas Property buyers will outnumber British, German and other nationalities in the next coming years as Russia's economic boom continues.

Russian International Property Investors:

We try to be the best investment property portal on the Russian web, providing an unbeatable range of choice from the four corners of the globe.

We carefully monitor the world's property market and select those projects that can have valuable interest for the return-hungry Russian cash investor.

Russian's International Property Acquisitions have made headlines in the recent years and we consider that private or corporate investors will keep strong in the year 2010.

Agents & Developers:

InternationalDom.Ru is a valuable source of information on what types of property different companies are building, marketing and selling successfully.

Как Купить/Как Арендовать поможет Вам избежать затруднений в процессе покупки или аренды, включает в себя информацию о платежах, а также узнать о требованиях закона страны, таких, как кредитно-денежный контроль, документация, необходимая для заключения договора о покупке, местных налогах, ипотечных кредитах и об иммиграционном законодательстве для граждан России выступающих в качестве покупателя в каждой конкретной стране.

The InternationalDom.Ru Team

Our team is as international as our work. Over half our team have lived and worked in other countries and regions. Many are multi-lingual. All value and enjoy cultural and international diversity in the way only truly trans-national managers can.

Our unique edge is a deep understanding of market channels business models built from direct engagement with customers and partners. We apply this know-how and insight to help our clients build strategic and more profitable business.

We are commercially-minded, open and flexible in our approach, which hopefully makes us relatively easy to work with.

Our Values
1. Information should be freely available to everyone.
2. Most foreign property buyers are in need of support and assistance from professionals.
3. Investing in property abroad should bring only a positive result.
4. Transparency and Professionalism the main thing for us.
5. Clarity and proven experience is important for our Membership Program.

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