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Price И 63 336,00 | Code# SGS | Development
Sheridan Golf & Ski

Sheridan Golf & Ski
Bansko, Bulgaria

Luxury frontline Golf development in Europe's fastest growing ski region in Bulgaria with stunning mountain views and elegant Spa.  Designed by an award-winning a...
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Price contact us | Code# PG1 | Development
Aheloy Beach Residence

Aheloy Beach Residence
Burgas, Bulgaria

Aheloy Beach Residence provides an array of leisure and entertainment facilities in a tranquil coastal environment. Studios from 39,53 m2 start from И 39530.
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Price И 118 280,00 | Code# 41232 | Development
Residential Empire

Residential Empire
Ќессебар, Burgas, Bulgaria

The residence is located in one of the oldest cities of the Europe - Nesebar, and is directly on the coast of Black sea. On a choice the furnished apartments with furnish "on a...
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Price И 143 856,00 | Code# 41772 | Development
Complex Golden Coast

Complex Golden Coast
ѕоморье, Burgas, Bulgaria

The magnificent Residence "Gold Coast" borrows the extensive arranged well territory at coast of Black sea and enables a choice of luxurious apartments with furnish "on a turn-...
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Price И 118 863,00 | Code# 41752 | Development
Residence Mountain Corner

Residence Mountain Corner
Ѕанско, Bansko, Bulgaria

Located in International known mountain-skiing area, the Residence " Mountain Corner " gives a fine opportunity to get the furnished apartments ready for residing with furnish ...
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